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A Ray Of Hope.
UNESCO Youth Ambassador For The Culture Of Peace.




A Not for Profit Foundation registered under the Societies registration Act XXI of 1860

The foundation has been in operation since 2009. We are a non profit society dedicated to the cause of creating sustainable projects that would assist vulnerable children.

We are working towards restoring lost childhood of underprivileged children by providing education, life skills and overall development. RCF, with a vision to empower children, aims to amplify the voice of every child in distress faced with discrimination and exploited by society. We aspire to bring learning and joy into the lives of small children of construction labourers -- by education, nutrition, health care, hygiene education and leisure programmes.

RCF aims at protection and development of children of construction workers and underprivileged children from varied backgrounds by providing holistic integrated programmes that include educative and cognitive development of children between the tender ages of 2 to 14 years. This is the early phase where maximum emotional and educational development occurs.

We also aim to generate awareness and consciousness about the benefits of education, healthcare and nutrition so that these are taken up as a choice and not under coercion / influence.

Our programmes provide basic elementary non formal pre- primary & primary education based on the Montessori Methodology to the children of construction workers with special encouragement to the girl child giving them opportunities for individual growth.

Dedicated to preserving childhood n the dreams that follow.
The Girl child is our inspiration for setting up the foundation. She is we believe, the true Sun Of each Family.…Our future lies in her tiny hands and if nurtured gently she blossoms in to the radical positive force that has the ability to transform lives, families and society. We need to create a window for this Ray of Hope to shine through…a distinct place in our lives…a sense of belonging, a sense of being cherished for who she is….and not rejected by simply being a gender that society discriminates against. Denied her basic rights and opportunities because she was born a girl! Discrimination in poorer children is even more pronounced and becomes a daily experience for children who live in poverty.

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